Agencia de Qualitat i Avaluacio Sanitaries de Catalunya (AQUAS)

The Agència de Qualitat i Avaluació Sanitàries de Catalunya (Agency for Health Quality and Assessment of Catalonia), AQuAS, is a public entity of the Catalan Health Ministry with more than 20 years of history. Its mission is to generate scientific and relevant knowledge to contribute to the improvement of the quality, safety and sustainability of the healthcare system, with the main goal of supporting the decision making process of the citizens, professionals, managers and policy makers. To achieve its aims, AQuAS focuses on 3 main strategic lines:

Assessment of ehealth and health technologies based on scientific knowledge to inform decision-making on aspects such as efficacy, safety, effectiveness and efficiency, quality assessment to improve health care provision, social impact research assessment and medicines evaluation.

Innovation: promotion, coordination and participation in national and international projects that promote innovation in the field of health. This area is also actively working in the development of the two procurement instruments: Public Procurement of Innovation and Pre-Commercial Procurement. AQuAS is a reference in Innovation Procurement in Spain thanks to the experience gained carrying out regional innovation procurement (e.g.: drug storage and dispenser, mental health genetic-pharmacological service).

Health Information and knowledge about the health care system to facilitate taking decisions and benchmarking, and to contribute to improve transparency and accountability on the results of the Catalan health system. In this sense, AQuAS connects the health information generated in Catalonia, both anonimously and safely, in order to facilitate and boost research and innovation for the Catalan research centers in the medicine and health sciences.