D1.3 Annual Periodic Report (Y2)

This document provides a summary of the progress achieved and the resources used during the second year of the KONFIDO Action (M13-M24). The report is structured in terms of progress achieved per work package. The work packages included in this document are those that started their activities during the reporting period, according to the Grant Agreement. The relevant Work Packages are the following:

• WP1: Project Management; 

• WP2: Legal and Ethical assessment on data privacy;

• WP4: System requirements and overall design; 

• WP5: Security mechanisms detailed design for trusted data exchange and storage; 

• WP6: Development of KONFIDO SW and HW components; 

• WP7: KONFIDO integrated system and technology validation pilots; 

• WP8: Raising awareness and exploitation roadmap.

We note that the Grant Agreement includes an additional WP (WP9: Ethics requirements). The aim of this WP is to define the Ethics Review Committee of the Action, consisting of internal and external members.

The main goals of the Action during this period were: 

• To maintain the communication framework, collaboration infrastructures and define the formal procedures for quality control;

• To study the application of Regulation 2016/679 (the GDPR), the eIDAS legal framework and the European legal framework regarding cybersecurity on the eHDSI scenarios for cross-border exchange of patient summaries, e-prescriptions and e-deliveries; 

• To develop a methodology and criteria for the assessment of ethical and societal aspects of KONFIDO; 

• To finalise the KONFIDO architecture and plan the integration and validation activities; 

• To finalise the design of the six mechanisms that comprise the KONFIDO toolkit; 

• To develop the first prototypes of the six mechanisms that comprise the KONFIDO toolkit, as well as the first integrated KONFIDO prototype; 

• To create additional promotional material for KONFIDO and disseminate the project to relevant stakeholders; 

• To organize the consortium and prepare for a successful interim project review.