D4.3 System Requirements and Specifications (Version 1)

The current deliverable (D4.3) derives from the work performed under the Task 4.2 and is highly related with deliverable 3.2 “Use cases inventory and scenarios for pilot studies” and deliverable 3.3 “User Requirements Elicitation”. This is the first version of KONFIDO system requirements and specifications. Its main objective is to elicit the system requirements and specification of the KONFIDO system. 

The document describes the methodologies and results of the process of requirements engineering that has been commenced for KONFIDO. A brief description of the system’s overall architecture and a functional description of each component of the system is presented. 

It should be underlined that the second and final version of KONFIDO system requirements and specifications (D4.4), which is planned by M22 of the project, will extract, present and analyse further the final system requirements.