D5.9 Specification of the Integration of HE within openNCP (Version 1)

This deliverable describes the work carried out in Task 5.3. “Homomorphic Encryption Schemes” and more precisely the one from Subtask 5.3.3. whose aim is to define an interoperability interface for the connection of homomorphic encrypted data with the OpenNCP model. This study is aligned with the general effort to have a Konfido architecture compliant with OpenNCP.

In order to provide an appropriate specification of the interface between Homomorpic Encryption components and OpenNCP, our analysis takes into account several factors. First at all, we provide a global view of: the homomorphic encryption, its particularity (or its power) of securing data even when processing, the advantage of using a crypto-compiler as well as its limitations. Afterwards, we explore the OpenNCP world, from the use cases it treats to a more technical view of the services it provides. Finally, we take into account the users and systems requirements (WP3 and WP4) as well as Konfido overall architecture, as defined in Task 4.1.

This study helped us in defining of set of functional and technical requirements to consider in the design of an interface between Homomorphic Encryption Mechanisms (HEM) and OpenNCP framework in the context of Konfido. When needed, we distinguish between the encryption/decryption components and the one performing computation over the encrypted data. In the end, we provide specifications for several possible applications of HEM within OpenNCP.

Of course, this document reflects only the results of the work conducted so far as part at WP5. A more clear and refined view on the interface between HEM and OpenNCP will be given in the updated version of this deliverable.