EXUS Software LTD (EXUS)

EXUS was founded with the vision to transform the costly and complex enterprise software industry – making it simple, accessible and exciting. Our purpose is to improve the business of those we serve, simplifying complexity to enable intelligent action

EXUS Software Ltd. (EXUS) is the UK branch of EXUS S.A. EXUS designs, creates and markets software solutions and services in several business and application areas such as business, e-health, e-learning, business process management, collection, wireless applications. Currently, EXUS employs highly skilled professionals in areas such as software engineering & web development, project and product management, account management and research. The company aims at leveraging the successful track record of EXODUS in view of delivering cutting edge innovation to its customers. Both products and bespoke solutions built by EXUS, serve demanding and critical business applications and domains, covering all types of diverse sectors. From consumer banking applications, smartphones-based payment and transaction systems, augmented-reality mobile applications, large-scale and complex portals, extranets, Electronic Data Interchanges to secure cloud services, serious games and gamification mechanisms, data management and analytics, EXUS covers a wide spread of activities by leveraging the expertise of its 130+ people strong technical divisions that are led by expert project managers and senior consultants. EXUS has been awarded with the EFQM “Recognized for Excellence” award and over the years EXUS has been included among the 20 best places to work in Greece (within the “Great Places to Work®” annual competition). EXUS is certified with ISO: 9001 for quality assurance. The project managers are certified according to the Project Management Institute as Project Management Professionals. Finally, EXUS is a Gold Microsoft and Oracle Partner for development and Integration works

EXUS Innovation is the Applied Research arm of the company, which is responsible for a large number of research activities. EXUS Innovation manages a portfolio of initiatives that aim to pave the way for the introduction and take up of emerging technologies. Leveraging the results of strategic research activities allows the company to harness untapped niches in market sectors of interest. EXUS excels in driving innovation in software engineering and data management to foster advances in key sectors such as: security, health, creativity and lifelong learning. We are a multi-disciplinary team of engineers, data scientists and innovation management experts that excel in driving innovation in software engineering and data analytics, to foster advances in key sectors such as: security, health, finance, creativity and lifelong learning. EXUS Innovation brings together professionals of diverse research backgrounds, including algorithms, architecture, data management, machine learning, privacy and security, user interfaces, and visualization.

EXUS Innovation employs a discovery-oriented approach and actively pursues innovation opportunities in the above sectors: In particular:


  • EXUS’ experience in software development drives the creation of health information systems and missioncritical decision support systems.
  • Moreover, the definition of intuitive algorithms, targeting the discovery of predictive patterns and the extraction of comprehensive assessments further enhance the value of our software.
  • At the same time, EXUS’ m-Health applications, exploit recent advances in technology in order to define and support a new paradigm that allows constant and seamless access to health services.

Civil Security

  • the development of data fusion and enhanced situational awareness engines
  • exploiting diverse information exchanges to enhance openness of data
  • harnessing generic and key-enabling technologies (e.g. Big Data)
  • adopting security-by-design principles
  • introducing interoperability aspects in our solutions

Creativity & Learning

  • the introduction of cutting-edge tools that empower non-technical people to express their creativity seamlessly with a focus on codeless platforms
  • the discovery, collection, and extraction of creativity triggers from learning resources
  • the visualization, diversity, personalization, novelty and other characteristics of creativity-supporting tools
  • the application of machine learning methods for computational tools
  • the extraction of wisdom of crowds applications (e.g., prediction markets) and the exploitation of crowdsourcing
  • the implementation of hybrid learning systems that harnessing all channels
  • the integration of gamification aspects to increase engagement in the learning process

Our vision is to transform research to successful market products. Products enhanced with intelligent services built upon novel data analytics algorithms, mechanisms and tools that are reusable and scalable across multiple application domains. EXUS Innovation is a key partner that can actively contribute to the definition of new research and innovation opportunities harnessing the potential of Data. Our approach includes the following important aspects:

  • the successful transformation of primitive research ideas into large-scale innovation projects
  • its strategic management, quality control and efficient coordination of multinational projects
  • Work closely with key industry and government stakeholders to provide real-world applications and drive impact.
  • privacy by design, federated access control in heterogeneous environments (e.g. finance, energy, security, heath)
  • Deal with different data quality: raw, processed, annotated, metadata