Fundacio Eurecat (EURECAT)

Eurecat, member of TECNIO, is the major Technology Centre in Catalonia and the result of the merger from the 1st May 2015 of four former Technology Centres, ASCAMM, Barcelona Media, Barcelona Digital and CETEMMSA, plus the operational integration of the CTM (Manresa Technology Centre).

Eurecat is a private, non-profit research centre. It provides unique technology and advanced knowledge to Industry in order to solve its needs for innovation and improve competitiveness. The range of services offered by the centre are primarily focused on: applied R&D (in a wide range of industrial and manufacturing technologies as well as digital technologies), technological services, information technology consulting, highly specialized training, product and service development, and promotion and distribution of technological innovation.

By the end of 2015, Eurecat will attain a turnover of 50M€ and staffing over 450 professionals. Eurecat is currently participating in more than 70 EU funded collaborative projects (H2020, FP7, CIP, Life+, etc.). In addition to this wide experience at European level, Eurecat is also a strong player in the various R&D programmes sponsored by the Spanish and Catalan administrations, with more than 160 ongoing projects. Technology transfer is also an essential activity in Eurecat, with 36 international patents and 9 technology-based companies (eight in Spain and one in Latin America) started-up from the centre.

Eurecat features a Digital Technologies Area, with seven R&D Technology Units covering a wide spectrum of digital and ICT-related technologies and applications.

  • Digital Humanities
  • Big Data Analytics
  • IT Security
  • Smart Management Systems
  • e-Health
  • Data Mining
  • Multimedia Technologies

Eurecat also features an Industrial Technologies Area, with ten R&D units which develop technologies oriented to industrial and manufacturing applications and processes (from materials like plastics, composites, metallic, smart textiles, printed electronics, robotics, sustainable technologies, etc.).