KONFIDO 1st End-user Workshop

Friday, March 24, 2017 - 09:00
Copenhagen, Denmark

The 1st KONFIDO End-user Workshop was held on March 24, 2017, in Copenhagen, Denmark. It has been organized as part of the KONFIDO’s effort to identify barriers and facilitators regarding the adoption of e-health solutions focusing on cross-border data exchange scenarios. The Workshop’s goal was to identify key factors that could facilitate or hinder e-health solutions’ adoption, focusing on the two key aspects of the project, namely, security and interoperability.

Personalized invitations were sent by the Coordinator and the WP3 leader to a number of potential participants, representing different stakeholders as well as diverse areas of expertise. In particular, the invited stakeholders represented healthcare professionals working in hospitals, health IT stuff working in hospitals, hospital managers and policy makers, health data authorities, standards developing organizations, and eHealth researchers working in relevant projects.

During the Workshop, KONFIDO partners provided an overview of the project and presented preliminary results as regards the Gap analysis for interoperable eHealth solutions and the 1st End-user survey, which aims to identify barriers and facilitators of eHealth acceptance, as conducted in the scope of WP3.

Fruitful discussions took place after each session between the KONFIDO partners and the invited experts. The outcomes of the Workshop will be reported in deliverable D3.4 of the project. 

KONFIDO 1st End User Workshop