The KONFIDO Concept

KONFIDO will enable secure exchange, processing and storage of healh related data, using privacy by design principles. The federation architecture will enable cross-border interoperation of eHealth services provided by individual countries while each participating entity (private and public actors, empowered citizens) will be able to implement specific policies for the protection and control of personal and health related data.

A conceptual view of KONFIDO’s architecture can be seen below:


Data is collected, processed and exchanged at multiple architectural levels, using a number of devices over several communication protocols with various security guarantees. The solutions proposed by KONFIDO seek to prevent unauthorized access, loss of data and cyber-attacks even from the cloud provider itself.

A top-layer independent automated logging and auditing mechanism will monitor, record and report events concerning storage, access and use of data to each data owner separately. The concept for this system will be based on Bitcoin’s concept of block-chain transaction database where all transactions associated with a citizen’s electronic health record or personal health system will be incorporated in a unique chain of blocks. A Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) system will be specifically tailored for a federated architecture in the healthcare domain, fully compliant to the OpenNCP model. As such, it will be able to detect potential threats and abnormalities, perform comprehensive and intuitive analytics and implement escalating mitigation strategies.

A small-scale pilot application involving actors from three different countries will be used to validate KONFIDO’s technology and solutions during which experimental evidence will be collected. A complete use case, reflecting the complexity of cross-border health care in a real-world critical scenario, will be validated and demonstrated in a real setup under realistic conditions in order to procure tangible evidence of the potential and benefits of KONFIDO.