MedCom was established in 1994 as a public funded, non-profit cooperation. MedCom facilitates the cooperation between authorities, organizations and private firms linked to the Danish healthcare sector. MedCom is financed and owned by The Ministry of Health, Danish Regions and Local Government Denmark.

Since its foundation, MedCom’s role has been to contribute to the development, testing, dissemination and quality assurance of electronic communication and information in the healthcare sector in order to support excellent continuity of care.

With the regional financial agreement for 2011, MedCom’s profile was enhanced. The text states that: “MedCom is continued based on the politically established goals and milestones concerning cross-sector communication and with a particular role as executing organization”.

Thus, MedCom is developing standards and profiles regarding exchange of health care related data throughout the entire Danish health care sector. Furthermore, MedCom supervises and monitor the national technical and organizational implementation of the standards/profiles.

MedCom is also responsible for testing, certification and labelling of Health IT systems regarding these standards. Through this MedCom contributes to the development, dissemination and quality assurance of electronic communication and information exchange in the healthcare sector, with the aim of improving the quality of health care services.

MedCom is devoted both to Danish and international projects regarding eHealth and Telemedicine with participation in a range of national projects, such as E-record, P-record, Common Medication Card and Telemedicine-projects, as well as participation in international projects as universAAL, Antilope, Persona, ReAAL and Dreaming etc. Furthermore MedCom has some ongoing service- and technology activities regarding national infrastructure components, which include The Danish Healthcare Data Network (SDN), the video hub (VDX) the national home monitoring data base and the national data base regarding telemedicine ulcer assessment.