Objectives of the KONFIDO project

KONFIDO’s objectives are built upon three main axes:

1st Axis: Enhancement of the trust and security of interoperable eHealth services.
  • Objective 1.1: To exploit the new security extensions of COTS CPUs for creating protected execution environments for eHealth applications.
    KONFIDO will utilize the new security features provided by major CPU vendors (notably, ARM and Intel) for creating execution environments protected from attacks launched at multiple architectural levels, even by privileged software or users.
  • Objective 1.2: To develop novel photonic encryption key generation technologies. 
    A miniaturized and low cost photonic device will be designed and developed to authenticate users and enable trusted data sharing and exchanging at cross-border setting or in custody of a remote environment.
  • Objective 1.3: To build an efficient homomorphic encryption mechanism supporting secured health data storage, processing and exchange. 
    KONFIDO will build a dual-purpose homomorphic encryption mechanism (HEM) which, combined with more lightweight symmetric encryption schemes, will reinforce security levels at both runtime and rest mode during the lifecycle of citizens’ health-related data.
  • Objective 1.4: To develop customized SIEM solutions for real-time monitoring of the security of eHealth applications 
    KONFIDO will extend some existing Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solutions, tailor them for the healthcare domain and customize them based on the specific requirements of a federated environment compliant to the OpenNCP model.
  • Objective 1.5: To implement disruptive logging and auditing mechanisms 
    KONFIDO will develop effective logging and auditing mechanisms that will provide traceability and liability support within the KONFIDO infrastructure. These mechanisms will be based on the block-chain design pattern.
  • Objective 1.6: To design and implement a STORK compliant eID infrastructure 
    KONFIDO will develop a compliant eID infrastructure that will allow existing STORK identities to be used in the system, leveraging current user-base, practices and tools, providing new functionalities and extending the current scope of OpenNCP. Owners of STORK eIDs will be able to authenticate themselves with KONFIDO and securely perform operations of interest
2nd Axis: Continuous validation and Proof of concept demonstrations.
  • Objective 2.1: Perform preliminary module and system assessments and validation campaigns well before the pilot demonstrations.
    In support of its agile approach, KONFIDO will perform smaller scale intermediate validations where end-users will be introduced to the developed and evolved solutions.
  • Objective 2.2: Perform two (2) iterations on the specification and development of the proposed solutions with clearly envisioned outcomes at Year 2 and Year 3 of the project that will be put under the evaluation and scrutiny of the end-users. This will help to focus on the real value delivered to end users, by incorporating their feedback at critical progress milestones.
  • Objective 2.3: Organize two (2) diverse and iterative demonstration campaigns in three (3) different member states serving as proof of concept, evaluated by a multi-national group of end users from all affected fields. 
3rd Axis: Focus on stakeholders, improving user acceptance, adhering to standards and legal and ethical directives.
  • Objective 3.1: To adhere to existing National and European legal directives and ethical norms while contributing by proposing changes for the wider adoption of interoperable eHealth services across Europe; easily adapt to new/different legal frameworks of other countries.
  • Objective 3.2: To achieve wide acceptance of KONFIDO’s solutions, by i) building on existing solutions and ii) complying with existing health care standards. Efforts will also be made for achieving harmonization with standards-related initiatives of individual member states.
  • Objective 3.3: To achieve wide user engagement steering KONFIDO’s solutions, by establishing synergies with an extensive range of user organizations that will in turn promote and facilitate the smooth and early adoption of KONFIDO’s increased security offering in health care services market.
  • Objective 3.4: Define appropriate business models and a go-to-market strategy in order to enable the wide, smooth and fast adoption of its outcomes by relevant stakeholders.