Open Access of KONFIDO results

1. Source code for various KONFIDO components is provided on open-source repositories, namely:

  • Docker-Openncp  (CINI): Link on Github here.
  • SGX-secured OpenNCP  (CINI): Link on Zenodo here.
  • SIEM-HE (CINI): Link on Zenodo here.
  • Cingulata (CEA): Link on Github here.
  • Mathematical model & simulation for flow control (ICL): Link on Github here.
  • eIDAS connector (Bit4ID): Link on Gitlab here

2. Six demonstrator videos were prepared by KONFIDO partners and presented during the interim review (as they are public deliverables). They are available through the KONFIDO YouTube Channel:


A screencast of the final KONFIDO demonstrator is also available:

3. The public deliverables can be found here.