Structure of the KONFIDO project

The KONFIDO project is divided in 9 Work Packages. A diagram of the WPs dependencies as well as a brief description of each one is presented below.

KONFIDO's structure

WP1: Project Management

The project management will ensure the achievement of the project objectives within time and budget constraints, by planning, organizing and controlling the integrated effort of the consortium.

WP2: Legal and Ethical assessment on data privacy

The legal study team will assist the KONFIDO project team in drafting the legal requirements and ensure that they are in line with ongoing eHealth and other relevant legal developments at EU and national level. The results of the legal requirements study will be used for the legal assessment of the use case scenarios and the R&D results will be transferred into operational applications provided in a private or public sector context.

WP3: User requirements analysis

The goal is to provide a set of comprehensive as well as widely accepted user requirements that will guide the design of the KONFIDO security solutions. This will be achieved through the systematic gap analysis of interoperable solutions at a systemic level with a focus on digital security of health related data, an inventory of diverse use cases in the field of eHealth security and privacy, followed by an in-depth analysis of the corresponding scenarios considered in the pilot studies.

WP4: System requirements and overall design

The overall architecture of the KONFIDO solution will be developed, based on "privacy by design" principles, and together with the interconnections among various sub-systems will identify the necessary data-flows and interfaces to be developed. On the basis of this overall architecture and systemic approach to security, user requirements produced in WP3 will be translated into system requirements and specifications of the KONFIDO solution. In addition, a thorough integration plan will be elaborated to facilitate the timely and efficient integration activities within WP7, while a validation plan will be elaborated against which the KONFIDO solutions will be benchmarked during the pilot phase of the project.

WP5: Security mechanisms detailed design for trusted data exchange and storage

This WP will mainly deal with the design and functional specifications of the various security methods offered by the KONFIDO paradigm (homomorphic encryption mechanisms, photonic PUF based solution, Secure CPU hardware). Moreover, the design of a customized SIEM solution able to deal with specific aspects of the KONFIDO technologies and components will be performed, together with the design of the blockchain-based auditing mechanism and the STORK compliant eID for OpenNCP.

WP6: Development of KONFIDO SW and HW components

WP6 will deal with the development and realization of all hardware and software KONFIDO components, designed and specified in WP5. On top of this, all subcomponents that constitute the KONFIDO solution will be tested and validated in a lab environment, in order to assess their performance before their integration and testing in the validation pilots of WP7.

WP7: KONFIDO integrated system and technology validation pilots

This WP includes the activities needed for the demonstration and validation of the developed technologies, including the integration of the KONFIDO components to create an integrated and secured transactional cross-border and intra-border system that will be applied in two practical scenarios where the KONFIDO system will be the core element to grant a secure data interchange between countries, regions and healthcare entities at various levels. Also, testing of the platform will be performed in two phases, allowing as such valuable feedback from real conditions exhaustive testing during the 1st phase and the optimization of KONFIDO solution and further validation in the 2nd phase.

WP8: Raising awareness and exploitation roadmap

The goal of WP8 is to make the project visible to a wide audience, disseminate the results to relevant groups and provide with innovative solutions in the field of secure health related services. Therefore, WP8 will disseminate the KONFIDO concept, developments and findings to all key actors in the field, and integrate their feedback to the specification, design, development and evaluation work. On top of that, exploitation plans for key project results will be derived while IPR management will be performed. Finally, KONFIDO’s business delivery model, both in terms of business and technology, will be elaborated.

WP9: Ethics requirements

The objective is to ensure compliance with the 'ethics requirements' set out in this work package.