IS (SUNDHED) is a public, internet-based portal that collects and distributes health care information among citizens and health care professionals. It is unique in bringing the entire Danish health care sector together on the Internet and providing an accessible setting for citizens and health care professionals to meet and efficiently exchange information.

All Danish citizens have access to, enabling patients to communicate and patients and their families to get an overview of correct and updated health care information, making the health care services appear close-by, open and familiar.

Additionally, every citizen has his own personal page (available upon identification), which reflects the specific situation of this particular citizen. Here, the citizen can find accurate and updated health care information, e.g.:

  • view treatments and diagnoses from his own hospital patient record
  • book appointments with his general practitioner (GP)
  • renew prescription drugs
  • monitor own drug compliance
  • survey shortest waiting lists for operations and quality ratings of hospitals
  • register as organ donor
  • get access to local disease management systems in out-patient Clinics

Health professionals can also log on and gain secure and controlled access to personal data regarding patients they are actively treating.