Telbios is a pioneer in Telemedicine since 1996 with many years of experience in the design and realization of programs and services to manage new pathways of care for the main chronic diseases and assistance of the patient at home.

Telbios has a recognized civil partnership with the Italian Defense Ministry on issues of telemedicine. Firstly, with the SHARED (Satellite Health Access for Remote area Emergency Demonstrator) that became the ATHENA TMD program in 2003. With the European Space Agency (ESA), the Italian Research Ministry, the Regional Government of Lombardia and the European Commission cofounding, Telbios has always realized projects and solutions that have then become operating services, such as the INSALUTE platform for the continued care of chronically ill patients, with VIVA- Personal Health Media designed for prevention and lifestyle changes and with Telbios Connect, telehealth platform for care coordination and telemonitoring for Chronic patients. As far as concern care coordination Telbios is technology provider of the Regione Lombardia CReG pilot for chronic patients, in collaborations with more than 300 general practitioners, which manage 37.000 patients.

Many of these initiatives have involved many medical disciplines and have seen Telbios collaborate with different Italian Regions (including Lombardy, Val d’Aosta and Sicily,) and hundreds of public and private hospitals all across the country

Telbios was involved in a number of projects linking hospitals and chronic patients: HealthWay, an ARTES 3 project co-funded by European Space Agency (ESA), aiming at developing a platform using satellite communication for tele-home care services accessed by the patients through iTV applications; IGEA SAT, co-funded by the ESA) to implement a platform for Chronic Patient Management (tele-monitoring, video-assistance, emergency calls and edutainment) through an H24 Service Centre and interactive application for the patients. The project developed with the cooperation of Italian Regions and healthcare Institutions, has been clinically and scientifically validated with the involvement of relevant number of patients; HEALTHWARE, co- funded by the European Commission, to deploy health care services over wide areas, through a platform able to interact with mobile or terrestrial technologies; TELESAL, co-funded by the Italian Space Agency, employs satellite telecommunication technologies to connect chronic patients in remote areas; SITAD, aiming at the development of a home wireless sensor network infrastructure, enabling the delivery of healthcare and tele-health services;

SMART HEALTH 2.0 on chronic patients at clinical risk in the care coordination between hospital and territorial medicine; ABILITY for the cognitive and motor tele-rehabilitation of patients affected by dementia at different stages; ACT (Advancing Care Coordination and Telehealth Deployment) for the evaluation of large scale deployment of care coordination and telehealth for chronic patient.

Telbios is currently involved in the projects: ASSEHS-Activation of Stratification Strategies and Results of the interventions on frail patients of Healthcare Services (ASSEHS); OPLON - Opportunities for active and healthy LONgevity.