Project News

The 4th Plenary Meeting of the project was held in June 28-29, 2018, in Barcelona, Spain. The meeting was hosted by partner EURECAT. The partners discussed the feedback obtained from the intermediate project review, the current progress in all WPs, and the future planning. Major emphasis was given on the final release of the KONFIDO architecture and the release of the 2nd prototype (all expected by the end of October), as well as on planning the pilots of the project that will be conducted in the scope of WP7.

KONFIDO 4th Plenary Barcelona

KONFIDO will attend the first Concentration Meeting that will take place in Brussels, April 26.

The objective of this meeting is to investigate the current R&I landscape in the field of cybersecurity and privacy and to identify common themes and challenges for clustering activities.  

More than 40 projects will participate through interactive discussions, break-out sessions, position papers and presentation opportunities.

More information is available here.

1st concentration meeting

KONFIDO celebrated the kick-off meeting of WP7: "KONFIDO integrated system and technology validation pilots" on March 22, 2018, in Barcelona, Spain. The meeting was organized by EURECAT and concluded with the definition of the pilot preparations plan.

WP7 kick-off in Barcelona 2


KONFIDO was presented at the SAINT Workshop organised by the SAINT H2020 project, held on March 20, 2018, in Athens, Greece. The main objective of the Workshop was to bring together several EU cybersecurity and privacy-related projects, to assist in the exchange of knowledge and ideas and promote collaboration. The KONFIDO Coordinator provided an overview of the project and highlighted its core outcomes.

The presentation is available here.

presentation at saint project